/Our ESG criteria

If you build today, you must bear tomorrow in mind!

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Real estate development has a direct and indirect impact on society and the environment.
MAXAR has defined sustainability criteria for itself and bases its actions as well as planning and development of every project on these criteria. We take extensive responsibility for our work, respond to changes in the environment and set new, future-proof standards.
We are constantly focused on environmentally conscious, climate-sensitive construction with efficient use of space, alternative building materials, and optimized enclosing structures. At the same time, we create green spaces and promote e-mobility through a well-thought-out energy supply plan, aimed at achieving comprehensive sustainable development principles.
Our corporate philosophy includes a holistic neighborhood development from a socio-economic point of view, the consideration of demographic change as well as a value management for our employees and partners, while we strictly pay attention to ESG criteria when selecting our suppliers.
We attach great importance to clear management through effective supervisory structures, rely on self-control through certifications and emphasize transparent communication and regular reporting of projects; we stand for committed complaint management, fair remuneration for employees and partners and actively promote diversity.